Bob Clark is a dynamic performer, who sings while
                                                                           playing ​​​​popular music, primarily, from the  20th Century,
                                                                           on a fantastic keyboard that can sound like an entire
                                                                           musical ensemble! He plays and sings many styles ofof
                                                                           music, including, but not limited to: Broadway, jazz, rock,
                                                                           rhythm and blues, Latin American, Country, patriotic and
                                                                           seasonal music.
                                                                           With songs by artists such as: Fats Waller, Nat King Cole,
                                                                           Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Billy Holliday, Jimmy Buffet,
                                                                           Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Eddie Arnold, Hank Williams,
                                                                           Ray Charles, Duke Ellington, Linda Ronstadt, the Beatles,
the Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, the Eagles,, John Denver, and many others, Mr. Clark’s repertoire is sure to please.
Mr. Clark hails from western Connecticut, explaining his Catskills resorts-like humor. This versatile entertainer studied music at Western Connecticut State University and at the Armed Forces School
of Music in Little Creek, Virginia.
He toured with several bands before joining the Navy where he spent 22 years, first, as a musician, and then, as an intelligence specialist. As a sailor, Petty Officer Clark performed with Navy Bands in countries throughout the Pacific, in Spain, and in northern California, Nevada, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and New England.

Since 2003, Bob has entertained countless Senior Citizens, their families, and staff members at more than 360 different locations in Maryland, northern Virginia, Washington, D. C., Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut in a vocation he considers most gratifyling.​

   Bob Clark: the Early Years